Liberals Silent As Black Conservative Faces Violent Attack

This just goes to show the utter phoniness in the liberal pandering to African Americans.

Democrats and the leftists that vote for them don’t care about racial equality, they care about racial domination. The only acceptable version of a black American is one that votes Democrat. If an African American dare to stand up against the liberal policies that keep the black community subservient, he is labeled a WHITE SUPREMECIST by mainstream media.

Yes. You got that right. A black conservative can be a white supremacist according to the liberal media.

Hours after a shocking video went viral showing Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder dodging an egg thrown by a far-left activist in a gorilla mask, the GOP front-runner announced on Twitter that he will not be stopped.

In a tweet Wednesday evening, Elder vowed to “save California” and refused to let himself be intimidated by white, leftist, extremists.

Meanwhile, Governor of California Gavin Newsom, a man who claims to champion the rights of minorities, has done nothing to condemn the violence against Larry Elder. Not only has Newsom remained silent, but his supporters have as well, namely Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris — all top Democrats who have campaigned for Newsom or plan to do so before the recall election.

Elder has faced a series of attacks by white liberals who constantly shriek about race relations in the United States. They claim, most absurdly so, that Elder is merely a “black face on a white supremecist,” for daring to stand by Former President Trump and his America First movement.

Meanwhile, the liberal media characterized the brutal attack against Elder as a “hostile reception.”

Can you imagine the hysteria and histrionics coming from the press if a Trump supporter – or any Republican – dare to harass a Democrat in this fashion?

This erasure of violence against conservatives is nothing new, however. Remember when GOP Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a crazed leftists and mainstream media barely made a peep? Also, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul faced similar violence at the hands of liberal Democrats, and again, the incident was brushed under the rug.

Conservative pundits on Twitter noted that the entire mainstream media apparatus would be abuzz with accusations of racism if Larry Elder were a Democrat being egged by a Republican wearing a gorilla mask:

This level of hypocrisy will not go unnoticed by California voters in the recall election, nor will it bode well with the nation at large. Democrats will reap the consequences of their violent supporters in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections and 2024 presidential election.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney