Lone Star Governor Takes Reins As Biden Betrays America

Joe Biden and his lackey Kamala Harris has betrayed what’s left of the US-Mexico border, leaving the mess for state and local leaders to clean up.

Luckily for United States, the Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott is just the man for the job. This week he issued a state of emergency for Texas in response to the growing border crisis.

“Joe Biden’s open-border policies have paved the way for gangs and dangerous cartels, human traffickers, and life-ending drugs like fentanyl to pour into our communities, not just in Texas, but across the country,” the Lone Star Governor said.

The absence of the federal government has forced Abbott to take the reigns as crime and devastation continues to mount on the southern border. By declaring a state of emergency, more state resources may be allocated to protect landowners in the area and enforce federal, as well as state, immigration laws. Abbott vows to continue to take robust action to keep the border under control in Biden and Harris’ absence.

Gov. Abbott also announced that he also received a coveted endorsement from Donald Trump.

Abbott thanked Trump for his endorsement, lauding the work the two accomplished securing the border before Biden destroyed many of their policies.

Abbott  has vehemently accused Biden of having abandoned “the rule of law” at the border in Texas.

“Our state legislature allocates about $800 million every two years for the state to pay for border security. This year, because of Biden’s disastrous policies, the National Guard will need to spend extended time on the border. It will clearly cost the Texas taxpayer over $1 million dollars to secure the United States of America,” Abbott revealed.

 Author: Asa McCue