Man Who Saved Biden’s Life Begs For Help – Biden Leaves Him For Dead

An Afghan interpreter that helped rescue then-Sen. Joe Biden and two other senators from Afghanistan in 2008 is now desperately begging for Biden to return the favor for him and his family – warning they will likely be killed on sight by the Taliban.

Biden, meanwhile, is trying to turn his back on the man and move on from Afghanistan altogether.

13 years ago, the man known only as Mohammed was part of a team that helped ensure Joe Biden’s safety after their Black Hawk helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing during a snowstorm.

Taliban insurgents had been spotted in the remote Afghan valley around the same time.

Now, with Biden capable of returning the favor and saving the man and his family’s life, Mohammed is concerned that the failure of a U.S. president will abandon them to die at the hands of the Taliban.

“Do not forget me and my family,” said Mohammed, while speaking by telephone to “Fox & Friends First” co-host Jillian Mele.

“Just give him my hello and tell him—if possible, tell him or send a message. Do not let me and my family [sic] behind.”

Mohammed was one of an unknown number of people unable to reach the Kabul International airport before the final U.S. flight took off prior to the August 31 withdrawal deadline.

“It’s very scary, mam. We are under great risk,” Mohammed said, adding that his situation is both “hard” and “horrifying.”

Amid reports of door-to-door executions after the U.S. military officially left the country, Mohammed and his family have gone into hiding and trapped themselves indoors.

The Afghan interpreter warned that, at any moment, they could find and kill him through tracking and information-gathering.

Without the ability to travel outside and gather necessities, Mohammed fears he may die inside. His family gathered around the telephone in total darkness as he spoke.

“It’s too easy for them,” said Mohammed, referring to the Taliban.

Despite the dire circumstances, Mohammed is clinging to a hope that the President will find a way to get him out of Afghanistan.

“I trust him. He can do everything. He’s the power of the United States. He controls the power and [sic] use power right now. He can do everything for me, and, like me, other people.”

Meanwhile, an American woman referring to herself as “Sara” who worked as an interpreter for the U.S. military for 14 years also fears she will be killed as Biden left her stranded in the country.

Speaking with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the woman said she does not even know what to believe anymore because those who were supposed to be helping her get out of the country the last couple of weeks have “been fooling me, for past 10 days, back and forth, back and forth, stories after stories.”

When Cuomo asked her what her biggest fear was right now, she responded by saying that it was her safety.

“Am I safe? Now the question is my life. Am I safe? Are these people are safe?” Sara responded, referring to 37 other people, comprised of numerous children, that she is stuck with.

“I don’t even think they are safe because they will be – they’re in my house, because now they are more targets than ever before because they are living in my house. And I’m an American. I’m a former interpreter. I worked for 14 years. And what is next for us?”

“We just smell the death. I’m afraid to let them go out, or myself to go out,” she continued.

“There is 37 of them in my house right now. And what is next move for me? I have no idea. But I never felt like this. I went to so many different missions with military, so many different missions, in different provinces. I never had that heartbeat, like I have it today, this morning, when they told me the American left. They left us to whom? To those people, who they were always wanting to kill us? And now, I’m by myself here, with 37 people. This is my fear that if American could not help me, when they were on the ground, how will they help me now, when there no one is here? That’s my question.”

This is the situation that Biden and his administration created for hundreds of Americans and their allies when he chose to leave them stranded, fighting for their lives, in the Taliban-run country.

Author: Harrison Waters