McConnell Delivers Grim Warning About Future Of Crucial Bill

Photo Via The Hill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday revealed the Democrats’ true intentions with the coronavirus bill – to sabotage it.

McConnell said that the Democrats are looking to destroy the bill for political reasons similar to the way they cut down Senate Republicans’ efforts to pass a police reform bill last month.

McConnell’s comments regarding the Democrat’s game plan for the coronavirus bill come just days before the federal unemployment boost is set to run out, leaving millions of unemployed Americans scrambling for a way to pay their bills.

Democrats have said that the $1 trillion GOP proposal “does not do enough.” McConnell, however, accused Democrats of not stepping up to the table to negotiate over what he called a “serious” proposal in contrast with House Democrats $3 trillion bill that was passed in May.

“This is a more-than-fair, more-than-bipartisan framework for Democrats to engage with,” McConnell said. “The only reason I can see that Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leader would sabotage negotiations is if, as some concluded when they killed police reform in June, they actually think bipartisan progress for the country would hurt their own political chances.”

On police reform, Senate Republicans put out a proposal but Democrats pulled the same exact stunt and claimed that it “didn’t go far enough.”

Referencing the police reform proposal spearheaded by GOP Sen. Tim Scott, McConnell added: “Here we go again. It’s the script from police reform all over again. Weeks of talk from Democrats about the urgency of the issue. Weeks of Democrats thundering that people will be hurt if we don’t act. But then, when it’s time to actually make a law, Democrats would rather keep political issues alive than find bipartisan ways to resolve them.”

McConnell said, “Yesterday, after a meeting with the administration, the speaker of the House said this, quote, ‘isn’t a negotiation.'”

McConnell has been trying to get the Democrats to compromise in order to help the American people since earlier this week saying, “They need to put aside the partisan stonewalling we saw on police reform, rediscover the spirit of urgency that got the CARES Act across the finish line, and quickly join us around the negotiating table,” said McConnell. “The Senate will not waste time with pointless partisanship.”

“We cannot have a Senate minority decide in June it is done legislating until November,” he added.

Despite the apparent impasse over the legislation, there remains optimism that something will get done by the end of the week. “This won’t get done until the 11th hour,” said one senior administration source to Fox about the bill recently. That source, however, said that the bill will get done “because it has to.”

Administration and Congressional sources indicate the most likely bill that will pass would be a “skinny” version. That would cost $1.5 to $1.7 trillion. Granted, that is still $1.3 trillion short of what House Democrats passed in their Phase 5 bill in May.

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