New Debate Rule Reveals The State of the Democratic Party

By Stu Cvrk March 10th, 2020 | Image Source : Red State

Since a plethora of candidates dropped out of the primary, we are left with some majorly old Democratic candidates. Both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are nearing 80 years of age. That’s okay, though, says the DNC. Because they are taking steps to ensure Americans not notice how out of shape these guys are.

Let’s get this straight from the start: the two leading Democratic candidates are as old as dirt. Yes, Donald Trump is in his 70’s, but he appears more vigorous than a man half his age. Age itself should not be a concerning factor. But when you add that to these other troubling details, the liberal candidates don’t look too good.

Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack just last October. That’s not something we should be shrugging off so quickly. We all know that once someone suffers one heart attack, more might on their way. The “big one” might be around the corner for Bernie. And the man refuses to release his medical records.

And we all know about Joe Biden’s troubles. The man’s mind seems to be rapidly deteriorating. He often doesn’t know what state he’s in. He frequently mixes up words and statements, even when reading from a teleprompter. On top of that, he doesn’t appear to be the most nimble, athletic man we’ve ever seen.

Seeing that their best chances at winning the White House are two old men, the DNC decided to recently change the debate rules.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is changing its debate format to limit the rigorous standing required by candidates…

The DNC announced on Friday that the format for its next debate, to be held in Arizona on March 15, would have the candidates seated behind a desk, fielding questions from the audience. The format change, which was first reported by Politico, would be a departure from the past ten debates, where candidates stood behind lecterns and faced questions from moderators. [Source: Breitbart]

Isn’t it odd that, as the primaries heat up, the DNC is changing to a calmer, more laid-back approach? One of these men will get the nomination. One just might become president (if he can beat Trump). Shouldn’t they be able to stand on their own two feet and face each other head-on?

Some Democrats have criticized this new format, claiming even the questions from the audience will be planted. Many suggest this is just a ruse to hide the fact that Joe Biden’s mental state is questionable. But it will also give Sanders a break. A man whose ticker might not be up to speed doesn’t want to stand for such a long time.

Remember, these men want to be President of the United States. That means long hours behind podiums, giving speeches and discussing important matters with world leaders. But the DNC doesn’t want them standing for a simple debate? Honestly, this will be the easiest thing they do from here on out. Why not showcase that these men can stand up straight and speak clearly?

Because they’re not too confident they can. Joe Biden continues to gaffe and stumble through every speech and statement he makes. Letting him sit down gives him a little less pressure. If the questions are plants, then he might even have prepared answers.

Not that it will do him much good. Even reading from a teleprompter he messes things up.

It’s really disgusting that the Democrats are trying to pull one over on Americans. They have two candidates of advanced age. Both have possible life-threating conditions. Instead of being honest about that, they try to cover it up.

Just par for the course, for crooked Dems.

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