New Democratic Frontrunner Makes Disgusting Comments About Abortion

The apparent winner of the Democrat caucuses in Iowa, Pete Buttigieg, recently appeared on The View. The presidential candidate was pressed about his views on abortion. He’s already on record as saying pro-life Democrats aren’t welcomed in the party anymore. Now, what he says about a child’s life will have you disgusted.

Not that long ago, a pro-life Democrat woman asked Pete Buttigieg if there was “still room” for her in the party. There are some 20 million Democrats that consider themselves pro-life (sounds impossible, I know, but it’s true). In recent years, they’ve watched as the party embraces more and more radical forms of abortion.

Buttigieg refused to say that pro-life Democrats were welcomed. In fact, his comments suggested that he cared more about abortion rights than reaching those liberal voters who hate the practice.

This should be troubling news to any pro-life American. Democrats are jumping off the cliff when it comes to abortion. Once upon a time, they considered it a “necessary evil.” Today, they pump hundreds of millions of dollars into Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics. They all but encourage the practice for young women. Even the governor of Virginia supported murdering a child after he or she is born.

Seems like Buttigieg is all for the left’s radical, aggressive support of abortion. When asked if he supported post-birth abortion—also known as infanticide—he gave a pathetic answer. Proving once again that he has no problem with the murder of babies.

Buttigieg spoke with The View’s Meghan McCain regarding his stance on abortions Thursday morning. McCain reminded Buttigieg that he once suggested that unborn babies can be aborted up until they draw their first breath, and offered Buttigieg a chance to walk back this statement…

“If a woman wanted to invoke infanticide after a baby was born, you’d be comfortable with that?” McCain asked him…
“I don’t know what to tell them morally about what they should do,” he continued. “I just know that I trust her and her decision medically or morally isn’t going to be any better because the government is commanding her to do it.” [Source: Daily Caller

That is a spineless answer from a man too scared to take a stand. But read between the lines of what he’s saying. A man who wants to be president says it’s okay for a woman to kill a child after he or she is born. He says it’s not “moral” for the government to protect the life of a human being.

That kind of stance is not passive. It’s an embrace of some of the most evil and heartless actions a person can inflict on a child. Buttigieg says it should be up to the woman—that he “trusts” the woman to make the right choice.

Right choice? We’re talking about ending a human life. There is only one right choice and that’s not to kill a baby.

Think about what Buttigieg is saying. He’s not just allowing people to murder children after birth. His stance would encourage it. Considering most abortion clinics get government funding—and they push abortion to keep business coming—Buttigieg’s pro-infanticide stance would open the floodgates.

Democrats went from supporting a woman’s right to choose to pushing the most extreme forms of child murder.

It should come as no surprise. Every last 2020 Democratic candidate wants to turn America into a socialist state. They want to control your health care, so you have no say in what kind of treatments you can get.

That kind of thing is mighty expensive. Wouldn’t it be easier on the government if, say, population growth slowed down? If most women aborted their babies, to make the burden on government lighter?

That would also be a good way to control the country overall. The fewer people, the fewer problems, right?

Sound crazy? Why else would a man like Buttigieg think it’s okay for a woman to kill her newborn child?

Looks like the Democratic party has moved from being passively evil, to downright demonic.

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