New Documents Show Extent Of Hillary Clinton’s Corruption On Benghazi

By Editorial Staff October 23rd ,2019 | Image Source : Chicks On Right

This was alerted to Americans by Rand Paul in 2015 and 2016. Rand Paul was fighting this battle alone and needed the support of Congress. It never happened. In fact, Rand Paul was criticized.

Now we’re learning the truth and it’s exposing Hillary and Obama in a MAJOR WAY….

From Independent Sentinel:

Hillary responded to his question as if she was dumbfounded. She answered, “Turkey?” She told him to redirect the question to the agency that ran the annex.

Assange said at the time that there are emails that tie Hillary to knowing about the weapons that went through Libya.

Paul said, “There have been many, many first-hand accounts, The New York Times, London Times, Washington Times have all reported on this… I find it hard to believe that Hillary Clinton, who all the news reports have said she was the biggest advocate for arming the Islamic rebels in Syria, many of them turned out to be not only enemies of ours, some of them also turned out to be enemies of Israel.”

Author: Editorial Staff

Source: Chicks On Right: EXPOSED: New Documents Show Hillary Clinton Lied Under Oath — Shipped Arms To Syria Through Benghazi

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