No Whites Allowed: BLM Protestors Preach Racial Hatred

The area of Minneapolis where George Floyd died last May, now called ‘George Floyd Square’, has become a “cop-free” zone with special rules specifically for the white people who wish to honor Floyd’s untimely death.

A reporter captured a sign nearing the entrance of the “autonomous zone” detailing guidelines for visitors. The sign “urges visitors to ‘honor the space as a place to connect and grieve as caring humans,’” but notes that white people visiting the memorial should abide by a more restrictive set of rules.

Additionally, Far-Left activists have demanded that white people must “contribute to the energy of the space” and to bring their own methods of grief as to not bother or “further disturb black and brown folk.”

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The sign prohibits visitors from taking pictures or videos — a common occurrence in past Far-Left “autonomous zones” and other protests where Antifa are present — and demand that white people enforce other problematic white people who may be violating the rules of George Floyd Square.

Concrete barriers surround George Floyd square. Black Lives Matter activists erected the structure last year following Floyd’s death, but was quickly evacuated during as the pandemic struck. However, the zone came back to life following the guilty verdict of former Minneapolis police office Derek Chauvin.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth