Not Surprising: Cop Deaths Skyrocket Under Biden’s So-Called Presidency

The ostensible leader of the party responsible for the ‘Defund the Police’ movement has overseen more killings than any president in nearly 30 years.

Go figure!

[sources: Breitbart & Fox News]

An FBI database of police officers killed in the line of duty shows that more have died since Joe Biden became president than deaths dating back to 1995.

“We believe it’s a combination … of the George Floyd protests — riots, if you will; a general feeling of a preference for less law enforcement; and less prosecution and less policing,” Jason Johnson, president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) and a 20-year police veteran, said.

“Law enforcement officers have essentially been marginalized and demoralized and cast aside and encouraged now to enforce the law,” Johnson said. “And so we’ve seen massive jumps in the homicide rate in cities across America.”

Johnson said rising homicide rates in major U.S. cities have “also resulted in many more officers being assaulted because … a lot of leaders in these cities and leaders in Congress and leaders in the White House have really voiced a lack of respect for law enforcement officers.”

Death Toll:

In 2021, the FBI counted 73 officers intentionally killed in the line of duty. That’s a nearly 59 percent increase compared to the 46 intentionally killed in 2020.The last time more than 72 officers were killed was in 1995, when 74 officers were intentionally killed on the job, according to LEOKA data.

The next highest number of officers intentionally killed on duty was 72 in 2011, according to LEOKA data analyzed in a report by the Heartland Institute.That number was 55 in 2012, 27 in 2013, 51 in 2014, 41 in 2015, 66 in 2016, 46 in 2017, 56 in 2018 and 48 in 2019.

Ambush attacks against officers were also up in 2021, with LEOKA data showing that 32 officers were killed in an ambush or unprovoked attack in 2021, exceeding previous records dating back to at least 1987, according to the Heartland Institute’s report.

The statistics come in the wake of calls to defund police following the death of George Floyd, which sparked months of anti-police riots where officers were attacked and injured.

Now as crime surges across the country more and more states, including previously defund-police blue states, are seeking to re-fund police.

Regardless of what Jen Psaki says about the Biden administration, it’s hard to obfuscate from the very real data which clearly implicates the Democrats and their push to defund the police across America.

The left is many things, but dumb they are not.

This has been their goal all along.

Author: Asa McCue