NY Begins Disassembly Of ‘Hurtful’ Museum Of Natural History

The Natural History Museum of New York has experienced many changes over its lifetime as archaeological and scientific discoveries change the focus of it’s numerous halls and exhibits.

Ever since 1940, the museum’s entrance has featured a statue of Theodore Roosevelt, mounted on a horse and flanked by an African man and a Native American. But in today’s woke America, Roosevelt’s statue is being torn down as part of the new ignorant and shallow mindset that characterizes those who wish to erase history. The given reason for the statues removal is that Theodore Roosevelt represents “colonialism” and slavery, a figure which Americans are supposed to feel shame over.

New York City’s Public Design Commission gave a unanimous vote to tear down the statue, though we haven’t heard yet if they plan to simply level the museum entirely. The museum is located in Theodore Roosevelt Park, which they’ll most likely rename as part of their continued effort to suppress the legacy and accomplishments of one of the most influential and unique American leaders to ever live.

Roosevelt’s efforts to combat robber barons, reign in manufacturing malpractice and create national parks are not enough to save him from the woke mob. The fact that he was born an American at all is enough to damn him to erasure apparently. Perhaps his spot at the front of the museum will be replaced with a better representative of equity such as Che Guevara.

The panel in charge of reviewing New York’s public art, markers and monuments said that “height is power” and on those grounds, decided that “Roosevelt’s stature on his… steed” make him dominant and superior over his racial minority counterparts.

There was no consideration that TR simply looked more iconic and natural sitting in a saddle.

The New York Museum’s vice president of government relations, Dan Slippen, said that the recent attention placed on racial justice have caused them to rethink how they can promote an “equitable community” that’s free of “powerful and hurtful symbols of… racism.”

How many black individuals over the past 80 years have really been hurt by seeing this statue, is there any statistical or poll data to back that claim up? Doubtful, instead the Leftist Intelligentsia simply insists upon what ordinary people ‘should’ be hurt by. Where radicals see the statue as oppressive, most view it for what it is, a statue which represents tradition and beauty in artwork.

Author: Johnnie Woods