Oops, He Did It Again: Biden Abandons Desperate Americans

Imagine if Trump turned his back to reporters after he botched an entire military operation, which resulted in thousands of American citizens stranded behind enemy lines?

It would be an inexcusable act that President Trump would never partake in because he has a backbone — and a working brain.

For four years — and even before — Trump stood tall, strong, and brave as, day in and day out, he addressed hoards of contentious reporters hell-bent on destroying him. But that didn’t matter. He understood his duty to the American people, and he knew that as POTUS, it was his job to address the very people who got him elected.

This is not the case with Joe Biden — even in the midst of a military blunder not seen since 2001.

President Joe Biden again walked away from White House reporters asking him questions about thousands of Americans still stranded in Afghanistan on Monday.

The president delivered a speech at the White House about the coronavirus vaccine getting full approval from the Food and Drug Administration, urging everyone to get vaccinated.

He did not mention the crisis in Afghanistan once in his speech and left without taking questions.

“Do you know how many Americans are left in Afghanistan sir?” one reporter asked as Biden walked away.

He did not stop to respond to the question.

The Biden administration still can not put a number on the Americans stuck in the country.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said he was unwilling to go into detail, even as the administration promises they are getting more Americans out of the country.

When asked by reporters if he was being intentionally vague, Kirby replied, “I’m just going to leave it at several thousand.”

It is unclear whether or not Biden can get all Americans out of Afghanistan before the August 31 deadline for withdrawal.

This surely isn’t the first time Biden has turned his back on reporters and the American people, especially during a tragedy of his making.

Especially since the Afghanistan takeover, Biden’s handlers have made sure the cognitively declining president does not address reporters off the cuff. The only occasion that he answers questions from the press was shortly after the withdrawal; all questions were fielded beforehand and no surprise questions were permitted.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney