Pelosi Gets Standing Ovation At a Trump Rally — You Won’t Believe Why

…well, not really.

However, Trump’s no-holds-bar takedown of Nancy Pelosi did get a standing ovation.

At a Saturday night rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Former President Donald Trump came out swinging against a range of Democratic policies, calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “a nut job” for pushing the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill.

Trump called on “all Americans of common sense” to strongly oppose the radical spending measures Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are working tirelessly to pass.

If allowed to succeed, the Former President warns, the United States will be headed down a path of unadulterated socialism, and eventual Communism, which Trump claims has been their plan all along.

What else could they be after if not total government control of all means of production, of all forms of culture, of all media, movies, television shows, etc?

The propaganda arm of the Democrat Party – the Mainstream Media – takes an uncritical approach to reporting on any liberal politician while pushing endless fearmongering against all Republicans or conservatives.

Trump warned:

“The Democrat bill, contains billions and billions of dollars for unlawful government training programs inspired by toxic and bigoted, Critical Race Theory. It’s crammed with so-called equity provisions. You know what equity means? It means we will take it away from you and give it to other people,”

Proven by multiple forms of analysis, the Democrat bill crush the middle class, raise taxes, and kill millions of jobs, which is their intention.

Keep the people reliant on the federal government.

The former president said he doubted that the Democrats will succeed in taking away any rights “from too many of you,” but nonetheless that equity is “a code word for illegal government discrimination that they want to bring to everything from education, to housing, to health care to our military.”

Never has a Former President been more honest and more correct about the intentions of the opposite party. The Democrats cannot be allowed to proceed.

The possible 2024 GOP presidential candidate said the real price tag for the infrastructure bill would not be $3.5 trillion but $5 trillion and that to refer to the legislation as an infrastructure bill was a misnomer.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth