Pelosi Hits Biden’s VP Pick With Surprising Insult

Photo Via CNBC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shrugged off a potential Kamala Harris Vice Presidency to claim that no matter what, Pelosi herself will remain the most powerful woman in U.S. politics.

During an interview with The Washington Post, Pelosi was asked about Harris’ Wednesday night DNC speech and while the speaker offered some praise for Harris, she insisted that if she were Joe Biden were to win the election, Kamala Harris would be no where near as powerful as her.

“Well, I’m not sure how powerful the vice president is,” Pelosi said during the interview. “But nonetheless….No, that will depend on the president. And I’m sure that Joe Biden will extend to Kamala Harris the same strength that President Obama extended to him.”

Also on Thursday, during a separate interview which took place on “The Axe Files” Podcast with former senior Obama Advisior, David Axelrod, Pelosi laughably claimed that House Democrats will increase their majority in the November elections by “double-digits.”

“I know you’re confident that you’re going to gain seats in the House?” Axelrod asked Pelosi.

“Yes, definitely,” the speaker responded. “If the election were today. Everything is about today…”

“How many seats do you think you’d gain?” Axelrod said.

“A lot… I know the most pessimistic view, and it’s very good. See I always go by the most pessimistic view,” Pelosi said, before Axelrod pushed her to reveal what that view is. “Double-digits. I won’t go further than that.”

Pelosi continued: “My responsibility is to protect the incumbents, protect the majority that we have. They’ve been courageous. They’ve taken votes they have to answer for in places where they may not be as obvious as to why. And my goal is to protect them. So we will have a Democratic majority.”

Democrats currently hold a 235-199 majority in the House which means they are playing defense in many swing districts. If they managed to pick up 10 or more seats as Pelosi seems to believe they’re capable of – they would have a major stranglehold on the House.

That session was the final year of four decades of dominance in the House by Democrats. They held the majority in the chamber from 1955 to 1995, with their total number of seats only dipping below 245 on two occasions after 1959. In recent years Republicans have been able to instill more parity in House races, securing the majority in 10 of the last 13 elections.

Pelosi did however let it slip that a ballot with Trump on it could wreak havoc on whatever outlandish projections the Democratic party has – emphasizing that victory in November is “nothing to be taken for granted.”

“We won 40 seats last time, 31 of them were in districts that Trump had won. Now, he wasn’t on the ballot so not all his people came out,” she said. “He’s on the ballot this time so a number of his people will come out. We won by little margins in those districts, so I don’t assume anything. We are mobilizing.”

The Republicans, however, have been hard at work building what could be their strongest class of House candidates in history – as they remain confident they can retake the majority especially considering the number of Democrat House candidates playing defense in Trump districts.

“Folks are taking notice that Republicans have built our strongest and most compelling class of Congressional candidates in history,” The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC dedicated to electing Republican House candidates, tweeted earlier this year. “200 Republican women. 180 minority candidates. 250 veterans… and just 17 seats to take back the Majority.”

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