Pelosi Passes Blame After “Accidental” Racist Slip-Up

Nancy Pelosi attempted to honor African American baseball legend Willie Mays this weekend, but she created on online whirlwind instead. The House Speaker severely botched her effort to honor Mays when she posted a smiling photo of her and Willie McCovey – a completely different pro athlete. Pelosi accompanied her photo with a “heart warming” birthday message to the baseball all-star. Unfortunately for her, she had it all wrong.

Pelosi scrambled to change out of the photo to one of her and Mr. Hays. She subsequently issued a statement blaming a staffer for the racist screwup.

“A staffer accidentally selected the wrong photo for the tweet. The photo we intended to use was of the Nancy Pelosi and Willie Mays at Willie McCovey’s wedding. The quickly deleted photo was unfortunately the wrong photo from the same wedding. We apologize for the error.”

Twitter was quick to notice the mistake before Pelosi’s staffers were able to take the photo down:

Willie McCovey, also an African American baseball legend, has been deceased since 2018.

Pelosi’s staffers quickly noticed the mistake and re-uploaded the same smiling House Leader – this time with the correct black baseball legend. Her staff did not change the caption to give the impression the error never occurred.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney