Pelosi Punts Blame To Biden Over Major COVID Failure

The Democrat Party is crumbling before our very eyes.

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and the like struggle to maintain hold on their own kind as the Far-Left refuses to falter, strengthening their power, and increasing their voice within party structure.

Recently, leading radicals in the Democrat Party, known as the ‘Squad’, protested the end of the CDC’s eviction moratorium outside the Capitol Building.

The Squad even went as far as to call out their own party leaders for failing to act as Americans struggle to regain footing after the global pandemic.

So now Pelosi is in damage control mode. She’s passing blame to Biden’s White House despite knowing full well legislation is the only path forward if she wishes to heed the Far-Left demand to prolong a federal eviction moratorium.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi heaped on the pressure in a letter to Biden demanding action.

House Democrats made an effort to extend the moratorium implemented by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Oct. 18 but a Republican congressman blocked their bid to pass the measure by unanimous consent on Friday.

In a letter to fellow House Democrats, Pelosi urged President Joe Biden’s administration to renew the moratorium without congressional action. Pelosi told lawmakers such an extension from the administration would provide more time to expedite distribution of $46.5 billion already allocated by Congress for rental relief. Around $3 billion of that figure has been distributed.

“The money must flow, and the moratorium must be extended by the administration,” Pelosi wrote.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen plans to brief lawmakers on the eviction mitigation funds on Tuesday, Pelosi said.

Biden on Thursday called for Congress to extend the moratorium, noting that a Supreme Court opinion last month indicated that legislative approval would be required to do so.

More than 15 million people in 6.5 million U.S. households are currently behind on rental payments, according to a recent study, collectively owing more than $20 billion to landlords.

The CDC issued the residential eviction ban in September 2020 after a prior moratorium approved by Congress expired. It had most recently been renewed for a month by the CDC in June before expiring at midnight on Saturday.

Author: Asa McCue