Pelosi’s Zealots Openly Plot To Steal The Next Elections

…and on the same day Joe Biden hosted a virtual summit on the protection of Western democracy!

It’s really a clown world liberals have created, but we’re all forced to live in it.

On Thursday, House Democrats blocked a measure that would have required states to remove foreign nationals from their voter rolls.

The amendment, offered by Illinois Republican Rep. Rodney Davis, would have updated the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to require states to remove foreign nationals from their voter rolls as part of their regular voter list maintenance program.

In total, 217 House Democrats voted against the amendment.

“If we were really here to talk about protecting our democracy then we would focus on the importance of voter rolls list maintenance to ensure only eligible citizens are able to vote in federal elections,” Davis said in a floor speech.

“If Democrats were really focused on protecting our democracy, the Biden Justice Department would investigate states like California where the number of registered voters far exceeds the number of adults in the state,” Davis continued.

House Democrats’ blockage of the plan comes on the same night that Democrats on the New York City Council voted to give local election voting rights to nearly one million foreign nationals.

Blue states have a history of foreign nationals on their voter rolls.

In 2020, for instance, Illinois officials admitted that nearly 600 foreign nationals were on the state’s voter rolls. Similarly, in 2018, California’s DMV admitted that it had registered about 1,500 non-eligible voters, including foreign nationals, over six months.

Despite evidence of widescale voter fraud bolstered by Democrats in deep blue states, liberals and their media cohorts insist that anyone who dares question the results of the 2020 presidential election are infected by right wing conspiracy theory.

And even though Democrats routinely vote against measures which significantly reduce levels of potential fraud, it’s Republicans and Trump supporters who are routinely maligned for even suggesting questionable activity last November.

It’s almost as if the Democrat Party has launched a multi-pronged approach to securing victories in federal elections for years to come.

First, you manipulate and perpetuate a global pandemic by prolonging its severity and forcing everyone to vote by mail. Then you bury any attempt by Republicans to update voter rolls and ensure only living Americans citizens are allowed to vote by launching into buzzword attacks like “racist.”

Follow this up with a White House pressure campaign on the corrupt media outlets and voila!

You successfully rigged an election.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth