Police Doomsday Warning To Citizens In Liberal City Goes Viral

Photo Via Victor J. Blue / The New York Times

An ominous advisory statement sent out by the Minneapolis Police gives us a glimpse into just how bad life would be under Democrat rule.

After being rendered practically useless by the local Democrat government, the Minneapolis PD sent an email to residents of the city’s 3rd Precinct telling them to prepare for giving up personal belongings to potential robbers as well as advised them to do as criminals say for their own safety.

The email, which was originally sent on July 28 offered nothing more than “prevention tips” to residents hoping to avoid being a victim of the skyrocketing cases of robbery and carjacking that have plagued the city since George Floyd’s death in May.

“Robberies and Carjacking’s [sic] have increased in our Precinct,” the email begins. “Cell phones, purses, and vehicles are being targeted. Some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and some threatened with a gun. Most of these crimes have occurred north of 42nd St. E. 100 Robberies and 20 Carjackings have been reported to 3rd Precinct Police in July alone. Downtown and Southwest Minneapolis have seen an increase as well. We want those who live and work here to be safe!”

The email continues by providing a list of several tips which can be used by the citizens in an effort to stay safe from criminals:

  • Do not walk alone
  • Be hyper-aware of your surroundings at all times – pay attention!
  • Carry only items you need, and carry less cash
  • Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet
  • Have keys already in your hand as you approach your car
  • Despite all our efforts, robberies may still occur! Do not argue or fight with the criminal Do as they say. Your safety is most important!
  • Be a good witness. When you call 911, be prepared to answer many questions. How many suspects? Age, height, complexion, hair and eye color? Scars or tattoos? Weapon – what did it look like? What direction did they leave in? Vehicle description?

The email also lists suggestions for avoiding a carjacking, such as “never leave anything of value in your car,” and “never leave your car running unattended,” since many whose cars have been stolen were dropping off food or other deliveries.

This concerning email is a dangerous one that is entirely thanks to the police being severely handicapped by the liberal government and it is the people who they protect that are suffering as a result.

Just weeks before the advisory email, the liberal Minneapolis City Council took steps to defund the city’s police department in exchange for a “transformative new model for cultivating safety.”

Sadly, this is the type of action supported by Democrat candidate for President Joe Biden and his colleagues on the left and if it were up to them, every single city in America would receive a list like this.

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