President Trump Delivers Stern Warning To Stalling States

Photo Via ABC News

During a weekly conference call between President Trump and the Governors, the President notified the governors that he “will step in” if he disagrees with their plans for the reopening of the state.

During the call, Trump for praised the majority of the governor’s plans to get their states back up and running, but assured them that any large missteps would be corrected by the federal government.

“The governors are making their decisions, and want to make their decisions, and that’s the way I want it to, and we will step in if we see something going wrong, or if we disagree, and some people say that’s nice, and some people say I shouldn’t be doing that, but we’re going to do it if we see something wrong,” Trump said to the governors Monday.

Trump continued: “If you have any problem, let me know please, but it seems that the governors are largely happy. And I think I can say extraordinarily happy with respect to what we’ve done.”

The Trump administration last month revealed guidelines for how states should begin to lift restrictions. President Trump said during a Fox Business interview that some Democrats have been reluctant to lift the coronavirus measures because they’re looking to capitalize on the political aspect of a suffering economy.

The restrictions, which are keeping students home from school, nonessential workers out of the office and many businesses shuttered, took a massive toll on the economy — tanking the stock market, causing approximately 36 million people to lose their jobs, and leading to a string of bankruptcies of major businesses.

Democratic governors have sought to keep the restrictions that caused this sort of economic hardship in place, citing public health concerns, despite insistence from the president and protesters alike calling for the reopening of the state economies.

Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer, who has recently come into the spotlight due to her tyrannical approach to the shutdown measures, said “I’ve been focused on doing my job, and I’m going to keep doing that and I’m not going to apologize about that. I’m not changing the way I run this state because of some protests.”

Whitmer continued, “We are in the third phase of a six-phase process to bring life back to normal,” she said. “But we have to be careful as we’ve had a really bad experience with COVID-19.”

While Democratic leaders have expressed a disdain for Americans exercising their right to protest, President Trump has been a staunch supporter of these citizens. “These are great people,” Trump said in April.

“They want their life back; their life was taken away from them,” he added.

In the state bordering Whitmer’s, however, the Wisconsin Supreme Court last week struck down Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ coronavirus restrictions, saying his administration overstepped its bounds by imposing them unilaterally. Evers lamented the court’s decision in a statement after the ruling was issued.

“Republican legislators have convinced 4 justices to throw our state into chaos,” he said. “We cannot let today’s ruling undo all the work we have done and all the sacrifices Wisconsinites have made over these past few months.”

As Democrat governors fail to enforce their dramatic lockdown measures and slowly begin to heed to the mounting calls to reopen, states like Florida and Georgia — under the leadership of Republican Governors Ron DeSantis and Brian Kemp— have already largely opened up and shown promising results.

Neither state is showing a surge in cases and on Tuesday Kemp announced that Georgia has reached its lowest number of hospitalized coronavirus patients “since hospitals started reporting data to the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) on April 8.”

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