President Trump Dismantles Failing Democratic Governor

Photo Via Fox News

President Trump revealed during the Sunday White House Coronavirus briefing that he feels some politicians have failed the Americans that voted them in.

Referring specifically to Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, the president said he was “complaining all the time” despite underperforming. The two officials have sparred in recent days, with the Democrat accusing the White House of failing to provide all the ventilators he wanted.

“He’s not able to do what he’s supposed to be able to do as a governor,” Trump said. “He has not performed well.”

Vice President Mike Pence said that he spoke to the governor, “We have sent 600 ventilators to the state of Illinois, but I assured the governor, and I assured the mayor, that while the principle focus that we have in the next several days is the rising cases in the greater New York City area and Louisiana, that Michigan and Illinois are in the forefront of our thinking,” Pence said.

Pence continued, “At the president’s direction, we’re gonna make sure that the people of Illinois and the people of Michigan have the resources, equipment and support that they need.”

Trump’s criticism of the governor was more than just him bashing a leader on the opposite side of the isle. The president has recently spoken very highly of a majority of the governors – even Democrats – who have performed well in their roles to subdue the deadly virus. Many Democrats have reciprocated the same praise back to the president.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said last Wednesday on CNN. “Let me just be candid with you. I’d be lying to you to say that [Trump] hasn’t been responsive to our needs. He has. And so, as a sort of an offer of objectivity, I have to acknowledge that publicly.”

Newsom added: “The fact is, every time that I’ve called the president, he’s quickly gotten on the line. When we asked to get the support for that [USNS] Mercy ship in Southern California, he was able to direct that in real-time. We’ve got 2,000 of these field medical sites that are up, almost all operational now in the state, because of his support. Those are the facts.”

Trump separately told reporters that an additional 600,000 N95 masks will be arriving to New York City on Monday “to take care of the needs of the public hospital system,” on the request of Mayor Bill de Blasio. Another 200,000 masks will be headed to Long Island after officials there made the request, Trump added.

Some 500 ventilators were on their way to New Jersey, 200 to Louisiana, 300 to Michigan, 600 to Illinois and 100 to Massachusetts, the president said. Louisiana’s Gov. John Bel Edwards said earlier in the day that his state could run out of ventilators by Thursday.

Also on the way, Trump said, was more hydroxychloroquine. Limited studies have suggested the antimalarial drug could, in fact, treat coronavirus. Journalists who previously bashed the Trump administration for suggesting hydroxychloroquine have largely changed their tune.

The Democrat Governor from Michigan Gretchen Whitmer even went from threatening doctors who prescribed the drug with “administrative action” to requesting that the federal government ship her state some.

“We’ve bought a tremendous amount of the hydroxychloroquine,” Trump told reporters, saying the country has stockpiled 29 million pills of the drug. “There are some signs it works on this, some very strong signs. … They’re not expensive. What do you have to lose?”

“In the days ahead, America will endure the peak of this terrible pandemic,”
Trump said, before adding that the end of the crisis could soon follow.

“We hope we’re seeing a leveling off in the hottest spots of them all,” President Trump said after New York experienced its first daily drop in coronavirus related deaths.

The president also said that a whopping 1.67 million people have now been tested for coronavirus in the United States as the “light at the end of the tunnel” emerges.

Trump added: “I’d like to ask for your prayers for the families who have lost loved ones. Ask God to comfort them in their hour of grief — it’s a great hour of grief, for our nation and for the world. … With the faith of our families and the spirit of our people and the grace of our God, we will endure, we will overcome, we will prevail. We have learned so much; we will be stronger than ever.”

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