President Trump Sets His Sights on China–Calling the Virus This “Banned” Name

All of America is struggling with the spread of the coronavirus. Thanks to the federal government, the virus is being contained and testing and treatment is expanding. But the president took the time to address our industries most impacted by this disease. And he used the opportunity to give the virus this name—which has been banned by many liberal outlets.

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: this crisis is entirely, 100% China’s fault. Once again, Donald Trump has been proven right. He’s been the only American leader critical of the communist country. As the rest of our government (and liberal media) bowed to their “overlord,” Trump has confronted China again and again.

Now the rest of the world is suffering because of the dishonesty of this world power. China knew of the outbreak way back in November. They saw it spread through their country. But they did nothing, nor did they warn the rest of the world. Imagine the situation, if they locked down their borders back then? We’d be much better off.

Instead, China sat back as their own people moved across the globe, creating this very pandemic. The communist nation wouldn’t cop to the facts that it was their fault this virus was even introduced into the human population (thanks to their disgusting and unsanitary wet markets). They did nothing to stop the spread—and the rest of us are suffering.

But, wait! Don’t you dare call this virus the “Wuhan virus” or the “Chinese virus”! Because, according to social justice warriors and far-left idiots online, that’s racist! Because accurately describing the origin of this virus means you hate Chinese people.

This is what many leftists online are concerned about, right now. Not helping people stay healthy and safe. They are continuing their campaign of controlling speech and thought, pushing their far-left nonsense, at the very worst (and inappropriate) time.

But Donald Trump’s not playing their game. And in a tweet of support to our nation’s industries, he called this virus it’s true name.

President Donald Trump offered reassurance to American industries on Monday that have been devastated by the coronavirus and took a shot at China in the process.

“The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus,” Trump tweeted. “We will be stronger than ever before!” [Source: Daily Wire]

This tweet is more than what it seems. By calling the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus,” Trump is deliberately smashing the left’s narrative that calling the virus “Chinese” or “Wuhan” is forbidden.

You can imagine that, in short order, websites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube would begin banning accounts for using such a “racist” name. Because that’s where the left’s priorities are. The world is reeling from this deadly disease and their bitching about names.

I kid you not, that’s exactly what these left-wing run companies would do.

Not only is Trump smashing this nonsense, but he’s signaling what he might do in the months to come. You better believe that once this disease washes out (and thousands are dead worldwide), the rest of society will just move on and forget it. Nobody will hold China accountable for this epic disaster.

But Trump will. Countless lives have been damaged by this disease. Businesses are wrecked. Important events and gatherings have been impacted. All because China’s government was dishonest and cruel in their unwillingness to lose face.

They have to face the consequences.

What will those consequences be? It’s too soon to know. But you better believe Trump will be mentioning this situation in the next round of trade negotiations. China won’t be able to weasel out of this situation, just because time has passed.

Sure, other leaders will still bend over backwards for China (like Joe Biden), but not Trump.

China better be ready. Because the next few years will not go well for them.

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