Pro-MAGA Patriot Defends Himself Against Domestic Terrorists

A man attending a Pro-America rally on Sunday was targeted by Far-Left domestic terrorists.

Antifa and other Left-Wing militant groups showed up at the protest, starting trouble and causing violence. Unfortunately for them, they messed with the wrong guy

After Antifa vandalized his truck and sprayed him with mace, the man finally decided to defend himself – a Constitutional and legal right for all Americans.

Shocking video of the incident clearly shows left-wing protestors donned in their usual all black, spray-painting all over the man’s truck.

The driver, seen wearing an American flag sweatshirt, exits his car to confront the terrorists. After being sprayed with mace, the man then pulls out his pistol in self-defense. On the footage you can hear the man say, “Get away from me.”

As police arrived at the scene, the man respectfully placed his firearm in the back of his pickup before putting his hands up and kneeling.

Meanwhile, protestors can be heard mocking the man as he’s carted out by police. “F— the Proud Boys and other chants were called as police apprehended the patriot.

The man was detained, but no charges were filed as Oregon police investigate the matter.

However, the Far-Left agitators responsible for spray-painting his truck were taken in and charged.


Author: Nolan Sheridan 







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