Proof: Democrats Are Election Thieves

It goes without saying, but the Democrat Party has become a morally bankrupt, corporate shell game of a political organization whose sole mission is total domination of the economy, of democracy, and of our every day lives.

They seek to radically shift the country away from an ethos of strident American individualism to a Soviet, censorious, top-down centralized governing style which keeps the population reliant upon federal handouts.

They will do anything to stop Republicans from getting in their way as we all witnessed November of last year.

Well, they’re trying it again and Democrats are using their old tricks to steal the election away from Glen Youngkin in Virginia.

A Virginia Democrat delegate was stopped by police hours before Election Day when a deputy saw a woman taking campaign signs then entering a car driven by the elected official.

Officers found Hurst driving the car with a suspended license, and he reportedly received a “driving while suspended notification” from a deputy.

Armentrout directed the outlet to the Radford City Police Department regarding why the man’s license was suspended. However, officials said the matter was handed over to the Virginia State Police.

Radford City Police confirmed that there was damage made to several of the political signs.

After being pulled over, a deputy asked the passenger, Emily Frentress, to give the signs back, and she complied.

Hurst assumed the delegate office in 2018 and is currently running as an incumbent. He represents the 12th District of Virginia, which includes Radford and Giles County, as well as other areas.

His Republican opponent, Jason Ballard, said Tuesday the incident is “yet another reason why he doesn’t deserve another term as Delegate.”

News of the incident came as America watches the Virginia gubernatorial elections on Tuesday, with former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe running against Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Youngkin ended his statewide tour in Loudoun County, delivering a culminating campaign speech Monday to thousands of supporters in the blue Northern Virginia suburb.

Regardless of their tactics, Youngkin and the Republicans swept their liberal opponents — a clear indicator of what’s to come.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth