Psaki Blames U.K. Prime Minister For Biden’s Mental Decline

At this point they will do or say anything to pass blame or distract from Biden’s failing mental cognition.

Joe Biden can barely utter a sentence let along take off-the-cuff questions from reporters. Each press conference Sleepy Joe attempts, he is seen fumbling with papers and struggling to call on pre-selected reporters with fielded questions.

He doesn’t even hide the fact that his handlers demand he not take questions from reporters out of fear a slip up might occur. And to top it off, White House handlers repeatedly cut off video feed when Biden appears in public, especially when Joe starts going off-the-cuff.

This comes in stark contrast to the Trump administration, who often took unfielded questions and routinely battled with the press. The contentious relationship between Trump and the press never rested upon secrecy, however. Such is the case with Biden.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki expressed some minor annoyance with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson during Wednesday’s briefing.

A reporter asked:

“What transpired in the Oval Office yesterday when we were all in there trying to hear from the president and the prime minister?”

Of course Psaki knew what he was referring to, but asked the reporter to clarify anyway.

Using her signature snide tone, Psaki went on to blame Prime Minister Boris Johnson for Biden’s inability to take questions from American reporters.

The reporter was referencing an incident that occurred at the end of a Tuesday evening bilateral meeting with Joe Biden. Following the meeting, Johnson fielded questions from two British reporters embedded in Tuesday’s in-town pool. However, White House officials forced the group out of the room as Biden began to answer a question from U.S. reporters.

The press corps, led by White House Correspondents’ Association President Steven Portnoy, later went to Psaki’s office to protest the exchange.

Author: Asa McCue