Psaki Can’t Explain Mass Exodus Of Kamala Staffers

Say what you will about Jen Psaki — and yes, she is the mouthpiece justifying Biden’s most egregious and authoritarian policies. But the messes she’s forced to clean up and the bodies she’s told to bury on a daily basis must be soul crushing, even for Jen.

If Jen Psaki was forced to confront an unbiased media, one that asked hard-hitting questions about the Biden regime and not those that have been pre-screened by corporate media heads working with the White House, then perhaps we’d feel sorry for her.

However, that isn’t the case and Psaki has the benefit of dealing with propaganda operatives, not journalists.

But there is one reporter that seems to be the only combatant within the White House Press Corps.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy is a daily thorn in Psaki’s side, often asking questions she obviously feels uncomfortable with, even though she’s been trained to handle this sort of thing.

Psaki can be heard giving non-answers, empty of any real content each and every time Doocy is called upon. Thursday’s press briefing was no different.

The Fox News reporter questioned Jen Psaki over the news that Symone Sanders, a top aide to Vice President Kamala Harris, had announced her departure.

He simply wanted clarification if Kamala Harris was unhappy with her current staffers, or if Kamala’s staffers were unhappy with her.

The exchange devolved into a typical Jen Psaki non-answer, “circle back” moment in which she hovers around the questions with empty words peppered with frivolous niceties.

Psaki pushed back, saying that working on presidential campaigns — which Sanders did prior to becoming a part of Harris’ team — and working in the White House could be both rewarding and exhausting, and that it was perfectly understandable that some would choose to move on from that environment to new opportunities.

Psaki went on to say that it was natural for staffers to move on and it was “an opportunity” for the White House to “bring in new faces, new voices and new perspectives,” she added.

“This is not a case of bad headlines about the vice president and a decision being made to shake up the staff to fix an image issue?” Doocy pressed again.

Psaki did not directly answer the question, and instead countered by saying that she knew Sanders well and expected her to continue to excel at any job she chose to take.

The White House Eva Braun white-knuckled through Doocy’s line of questioning, carefully choosing her words as to not hint at any turmoil within Kamala’s employ, even though it’s completely obvious to anyone paying attention.

Whoever replaces these key Kamala staffers makes little difference; she’s already lost the wind in her sails, and Americans want absolutely nothing to do with her.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth