Psaki Drops Bomb On Biden’s Secretive Administration

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made no qualms about her cognitively-deficient boss’ inability to take impromptu questions from reporters, revealing that “is not something we recommend.”

Psaki made the admission about Biden during a podcast with CNN Senior Political Commentator David Axelrod. The Press Sec revealed that even she strongly suggests Biden not field questions from reporters.

The two broached the subject when the incident with a CNN reporter over Biden’s abandoning of a campaign promise he made to raise federal minimum wage $15 came up.

Psaki laughed off the incident, explaining she was off-the-clock when it happened. She subsequently made the false claim that Biden “takes questions nearly every day when he’s out in front of reporters.”

Biden’s press secretary admitted that she purposely delayed press conferences so the the aging president would not be confronted with certain topics She pivoted, claiming Biden’s “only focus” is on what the American people find important, not being constant media fodder.

On March 25, the 65th day of his term, Biden held his first solo press conference. The president was heavily prepared, taking pre-screened questions and reading from a book of prepared answers. His delay marks the longest a sitting president has gone without addressing reporters since the Coolidge administration in the 1920s.

Author: Asa McCue