Psaki Slips — Confesses The Truth About Biden’s ‘Takeover’ Plot

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed that Biden plans to bypass Congress to enact his radical anti-gun legislation

Psaki dropped this bomb during her daily press conference on Tuesday. She stated the White House is considering a “range of options” but Biden’s use of an executive order was certainly on the table

“We are considering a range of action, that includes negotiating on legislation or a possible Executive Order” Psaki said. 

From the White House, Biden addressed the public, calling for increased gun control legislation, but falling short of mentioning an Executive Order. Instead he called on Congress to pass sweeping legislation including an “assault weapon” ban and tighter restrictions on ammunition and magazines.  

However, neither the House or Senate have any gun control laws pending. Senate committees are currently holding debates to determine if sweeping gun control legislation has any political future. The Democrats only hold a narrow Senate majority and some moderate Democrats, like Sen. Joe Manchin, typically side with Republicans on this issue.  

It remains unclear exactly what Biden is capable of accomplishing via Executive Order. Any order is tricky, especially those attempting to throttle Constitutional rights. Any Executive Order coming from the White House that in any way limits American’s 2nd Amendment rights will likely be challenged in court immediately.  

by: Asa McCue 

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