Psaki Uses Mental Gymnastics To Justify Biden’s Race-Based SCOTUS Pick

Leave it to Jen Psaki to completely mischaracterize the concerns most Republicans have with Joe Biden uses race and race alone to choose who replaces Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Instead of defending Biden’s nomination process by stating, “Yes, we are nominating a black women simply and purely because she is black and is a woman,” the White House spokeswoman seeks to obfuscate from the underlying truth and political advantageousness of the affirmative action nomination.

And how insulting to the black community that the U.S. president is using race and gender to select who sits on the SCOTUS bench!

On Thursday, Jen Psaki lashed out at Republicans who already “plan to characterize”  Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee as “radical.”

While the White House has not officially provided a short list of nominees, we have every indication that Biden will not only select a black women but a far-left black women.

Psaki answered a number of questions about whether Biden would seek Republican input in searching for his replacement for retiring Justice Stephen Breyer by claiming that the president will “work in good faith with senators of both parties.

“He’s also grateful to Republican members who have already indicated they plan to work with him,” she said.

“I think we also should be clear about some of the games that we’re already seeing indications of out there. We have not mentioned a single name. We have not put out a list. The president made it very clear he has not made a selection, and if anyone is saying they plan to characterize whoever he nominates, after thorough consideration with both parties, as radical before they know literally anything about who she is, they just obliterated their own credibility, so our intention is to not play games.”

To make the decision-making process more black-friendly, Psaki reiterated Kamala Harris’ role in choosing Breyer’s replacement.

Later in the briefing, a reporter specifically posed to Psaki that Biden’s pledge to nominate a black woman might be viewed as “reverse racism,” which the top White House spokeswoman rebutted by quoting President Ronald Reagan when he nominated Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

What a sick burn, Jen! You really got us!

You can watch Thursday’s entire briefing below:

Author: Asa McCue