Radical House Democrat Just Did Something Insane

According to Rep. Maxine Waters, the United States of America keeps getting more and more racist every single day.

The octogenarian career-politician was asked for her opinion on Sen. Tim Scott’s rebuttal to Joe Biden’s first address to Congress.

“Well, I don’t know if he was counseled to say that or whether he really believes that,” Waters said. “If he really believes that, then he has missed not only the history of the country but what is going right now.”

“We are seeing this country get more racist every day. We’ve gotten so racist in America, no one ever thought It’d be possible in today’s time, and Sen. Tim Scott never addressed that.” she added.

The Republican Senator slammed Biden in his rebuttal for his failure to galvanize the country harmoniously, only adding to the political derision between both parties.

The black lawmaker fought against Biden’s claims that America is a racist country. In arguably the most controversial moment of Scott’s speech, he definitively said the opposite:

Meanwhile, the anti-black racism prevailing today is overwhelming coming from the side  Waters so closely identifies with and defends. Democrats, Leftists, Progressives — all have lobbed racial slurs against the black Conservative simply because he is in fact a Republican.

Maxine Waters has put her stamp of approval on the racism lobbed against Sen. Tim Scott as she continues to only acknowledge that which suits her Party. Waters proving, yet again, politics will always trump her morals.

Author: Asa McCue