Renegade Democrat Bravely Defends The Front Lines — Halts Biden’s Radical Agenda

Their dream of enacting absolute control of democracy, the economy, and individual freedoms and privacy came crashing down as fellow Democrat Joe Manchin refuses to get on board.

Between the voting rights bill, Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ spending measures, and now the filibuster — Manchin is crushing liberal dreams left and right.

Manchin admitted on Tuesday that there’s a high chance Democrats will successfully pass a spending bill that allocated billions for social services and climate change, but there’s one area he will not budge: the Senate filibuster.

Republicans so far this year have used the filibuster three times to block wide-ranging Democrat bills aimed at increasing access to mail-in ballots and other steps to encourage voting and stop restrictive new election laws being enacted in Republican-controlled states.

This week, Schumer might bring yet another bill to the Senate floor: one that would reinstate the federal government’s role in overseeing election law changes in certain states, which was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013.

Republicans are again expected to deny the Senate the 60 votes needed to advance legislation beyond procedural hurdles.

Last week, Biden chimed in, completely backtracking from his earlier sentiment about keeping the Senate rule intact.

During the wide-ranging interview, Manchin, who represents the coal-producing state of West Virginia, also addressed climate change provisions he is blocking in the domestic investment bill.

Manchin has opposed two major climate measures in the social spending bill supported by fellow Democrats: a plan that would reward power utilities for investing in renewables such as solar and wind power and penalize those that do not, and a fee on oil and natural gas producers for emissions of methane.

Despite denying reports of switching political parties, Manchin admits he doesn’t “know where in the hell I belong.”

“I don’t think the R’s (Republicans) would be any more happy with me than D’s (Democrats) are right now,” Manchin said responding to a question about his political future.

Author: Asa McCue