Republicans Expose Biden’s Latest Crime — And It’s a Doozy

Republican Senators are accusing Biden of breaking federal budget crime when he ordered a halt on all border wall construction which resulted in a massive crime spree. 

On Wednesday, Mitch McConnell and 38 other Republicans wrote a letter detailing Biden’s crimes to the Budget office. The lawmakers are demanding an investigation into Biden’s actions. The letter alleges his order to stop construction violates an act from 1974 which forbids the executive branch from refusing to spend money appropriated by Congress.  

The letter was organized by West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito, the top Republican on the Homeland Security spending panel. It asks GAO head Gene Dodaro to issue a legal opinion on whether the Impoundment Control Act was violated.

The fiscal 2021 spending bill that Congress passed in December has $1.4 billion for border wall and related spending.

In 2019, President Donald Trump transferred money earmarked for military construction to be used instead for building the border wall. A federal appeals court last year found the transfer illegal.

Republicans this week have focused on the surge of migrants crossing the U.S. border from Mexico, with lawmakers traveling to the region to highlight the issue. Biden has ordered federal disaster officials to the area to handle the surge, while Democrats have said that border crossings remained at roughly the same level during the Trump administration. They also have argued that the border wall is ineffective.

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