Republicans On The Cusp Of Ousting Far-Left Governor

It’s been confirmed that residents of the Democrat-led state of California have successfully verified more than enough signatures needed to push the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom to a vote later this year.

As of Monday, the state verified 1.6 million signatures, surpassing the 1.5 million minimum to qualify for a ballot. California’s Secretary of State has confirmed and verified the signatures. However, now that the threshold has been met, a mandatory 30-day period for voters who signed the petition who wish to remove their names has commenced. Democrats in California are pushing an anti-recall campaign during the 30-day period.

County officials have until Thursday to certify the validity of remaining signatures.

“A recall election will be held unless a sufficient number of signatures are withdrawn,” 

Opponents of the Governor have seized on the resentment many Californians have for Newsom after his response to the coronavirus pandemic. Gov. Newsom routinely locked down his state, making it nearly impossible for residents to maintain their small businesses. His restrictions were oftentimes seen as anti-science and arbitrary.

The Far-Left governor has attempted to spin the recall effort as a radical movement by Far-Right Republicans trying to rally for support of Former President Donald Trump.

Newsom’s potential recall wouldn’t be the first time in California’s history that a campaign to remove a governor has made it to ballot. Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, replaced Gray Davis in 2003 in a wild campaign that featured 130 candidates.

The Governor has largely ignored the movement until last month when he, with the help of his big-wig friends like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Stacey Abrams, launched a campaign against what was painted as a “Far-Right” Republican smear effort.

Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in the state by nearly two to one, and Newsom has largely remained in good favor with them. In recent polling 56% of registered Democrats said they did not favor a recall effort.

Author: Lana Shearer