Republicans Take Brave Action Against Big Tech Overlords

Republican Attorney General from Indiana – Todd Rokita – just announced a sweeping investigation into the five major Big Tech companies for their refusal to stop censoring conservative content.

According to a statement released by Rokita’s office, the investigation will focus on Big Tech companies that “have potentially harmed Indiana consumers through business practices that are abusive, deceptive and/or unfair.”

In particular, Rokita is centering his focus on the Big Tech giant’s pervasive limiting and/or censoring of certain content by “deleting or obscuring posted material posted with a conservative point of view.”

 “It is potentially harmful and unfair for these companies to manipulate content in ways they do not publicly discuss or that consumers do not fully understand.”

Rokita probe does not end with the Big Tech companies alone. His actions extend to Biden’s nominee for associate attorney general, Vanita Gupta, a Far-Left activist who encourages media companies to censor conservative viewpoints.

According to Rokita, Gupta “has met with Big Tech executives to urge more rigorous rules and enforcement against conservatives.”

The five companies included in Rokita’s probe are Twitter, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

Growing Big Tech encroachment has even caught the eye of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Earlier this week Thomas suggested that these media companies should be regulated like public utility companies.




Author: Lana Sheridan 


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