Romney and Biden Engage In Public Love Fest, Make Everyone Want To Vomit

A group of bipartisan lawmakers have been forced to navigate through Biden’s constant backtracking. One day he claims a deal has been made, the next he threatens to veto said deal. The Biden White House has struggled to maintain a center of balance between party moderates and the Far-Left wing.

Recently there was mass confusion when the progressives urged Biden to force a Republican agreement to not filibuster their second, more radical, “anti-poverty” bill that’s likely to follow the solid infrastructure deal. Biden agreed, signaling that he would veto the bipartisan deal he already approved.

The cognitively-deficient president has since walked back any veto threats, saying he would absolutely sign the bill that’s already been agreed upon by the bipartisan group of negotiators.

Despite the confusion, there’s no question of the undying affection between Joe Biden and Mitt Romney, the main negotiator on the infrastructure deal.

The two have long been partners in crime since Joe Biden’s days in the Senate — and have sometimes been political foes as well.

Recently the two expressed their adoration for each other in the press. Biden claiming, “Romney’s never broken his word to me…”

Romney, echoing the mutual trust, believes Biden will stick by his original deal.

However, the two have no always been so friendly.

Mitt Romney became victim of the president’s mental decline recently when, in front of reporters, Joe Biden couldn’t even remember the Utah Senator’s name!

It gets worse:

On the campaign trail in 2012, in an attempt to pander the black vote, Joe Biden claimed Mitt Romney “is gonna put yall back in chains” to a mostly-African American audience.

So it goes to show the relationship between the two career lawmakers rests solely on what is politically advantageous to them at the moment. As it stands, Biden desperately needs a legislative win, as he’s yet to score any major success. To do so, he needs Republican support.

Conversely, Mitt Romney and the RINOs need to demonstrate the Party of Trump is long gone by working closely with Democrats.

In the end, the RINOS and the Democrats get a win, but the American people get a major loss.

Author: Asa McCue