Senate Republicans Dodge Bullet — Top Trump Ally To Seek Reelection

At this point, Republicans need all the help they can get.

As RINOs insert themselves in GOP leadership in both Houses of Congress, it’s become imperative that adherents to Trump’s America First agenda stay put and seek reelection.

On Sunday, one of Former President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, said that he will seek reelection in a widely contested swing state.

Johnson had pledged in 2016 not to run for a third time, but he rescinded that promise and kicked around running again for months, saying circumstances have changed now that Democrats are in full control.

Even with Johnson in the race, it’s unclear how voters in razor-thin Wisconsin will cast their votes. Trump scored a tiny victory in 2016, earning around 20,000 more votes than Hillary. In 2020, Biden secured a 21,000 vote “victory,” helping him secure the presidency.

It goes without saying the results of the 2020 election are majorly skewed.

Still, Republicans have reason to be optimistic about regaining control of the 50-50 Senate. The party that does not hold the White House generally gains seats in mid-term congressional elections. Former President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party, for example, lost 63 seats in the House and six in the Senate in 2010.

Johnson rose out of the Tea Party movement in 2010, defeating Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold that year and again in 2016. Johnson has long been aligned with Trump’s policies and politics. He led the push to investigate Biden’s son Hunter and rarely broke with the White House.

Trump endorsed Johnson in April and encouraged him to run.

Democrats running in Wisconsin include:

  •  Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes;
  • Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry
  • state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski
  • Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson
  • Steven Olikara, founder and chief executive of the nonprofit Millennial Action Project

Many potential Republican candidates have been waiting on Johnson before deciding whether to run.

Given past precedent it’s very likely that Republicans will secure Congressional majorities after the ’22 midterms, but it’s not enough to rely on historical trends.

The GOP needs to fight for once. They needed to prevent the Democrats from lying, cheating and stealing their way into electoral victories.

They need to adopt President Trump’s mentality.