Senate Unanimously Passes Historic Bill

Because of the pandemic, federal and state governments have nearly shut down the country. Millions of Americans face uncertainty over their jobs and pay. President Trump promised some form of relief that can keep us afloat for a while. But this week, partisan games put that relief into question. Thanks to the titanic efforts of Mitch McConnell and Republicans, it looks like relief is finally in sight.

If you’re a conservative, fiscal hawk, you might not like the idea of the government dishing out large sums of money to private businesses and Americans. But keep in mind, this is hardly a bailout (or socialism). The government is responsible for the economic pause we’re in right now. They were the ones that forced businesses to close their doors and urge workers to stay at home. All to slow infections.

It’s entirely the government’s responsibility to provide loans and relief to the very people they are hurting.
President Trump promised a variety of ways to keep businesses alive during this crisis. From major industries (like airlines) to small businesses, he planned to provide the funds to keep them going. He even planned on giving American families checks to put food on the table.

But that plan was cast into doubt earlier this week, after Democrats in the Senate blocked Republicans’ bill. After that, Nancy Pelosi tried to swoop in with a ridiculous bill that would have poured billions into her left-wing pet projects.

Meanwhile, Americans were suffering.

President Trump dropped the hammer on Congress, demanding they make a deal. And finally, in the wee hours of Wednesday, the Senate made history.

By a vote of 96-0, the Senate passed a massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus compromise package just before midnight Wednesday, ending days of deadlock and sending the bill to the House of Representatives — which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said will soon take up the historic measure to bring relief to individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations “with strong bipartisan support.”

The package would provide one-time direct payments to Americans of $1,200 per adult making up to $75,000 a year, and $2,400 to married couples making up to $150,000, with $500 payments per child…

Further, the bill allocates $250 billion to extend unemployment insurance to more workers, and lengthen the duration to 39 weeks, up from the normal 26 weeks. $600 extra a week would be provided for four months. [Source: Fox News]

The bill also provides $349 billion to small businesses to cover rent, payroll, and utilities. Airlines would receive $25 billion for salaries and benefits and $25 billion more in loans. Contract workers will get $3 billion in assistance. And the much-lauded payroll tax deferrals are also included.

A silver lining in all this is that the passed bill rejected most of the bogus items Pelosi tried to slip into her bill. The House Speaker tried to use this crisis as a means of pushing a radical, far-left agenda. But she failed.
It seems there were a few detractors to this bill, including Sen. Bernie Sanders. As usual he did his lousy job of misrepresenting the bill and giving out inaccurate information. Something tells me he didn’t want to support this bill, because it would give Donald Trump another win. Sanders still thinks he has a shot at the White House, how cute.

But even Bernie voted yea on this bill, in the end.

The bill will provide a safety net for workers and companies, for at least three months. Americans can count on putting food on the table and weathering this storm, until it subsides. Hopefully, we’ll be in the clear long before that.

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