‘Sex Pest’ Cuomo Commits Ultimate ‘Woke’ Crime

Doesn’t every liberal know by now that ‘blaming the victim’ is one of the most egregious woke crimes one can commit?

Apparently Cuomo has not read the latest Leftist memo.

One of Andrew Cuomo’s attorneys has released a new attack on the credibility of some of the former governor’s female accusers as well as the New York State Attorney General, who published a report on Cuomo’s sexual misconduct that led to his resignation.

Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s female attorney, sent a letter to state Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Lavine on September 13 that included an attack on the credibility of Cuomo’s accusers, particularly Charlotte Bennett.

Debra Katz, Bennett’s attorney who also represented Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, fired back at Glavin’s letter, calling the claims about her client “false, defamatory and disgusting.”

“Her client [Andrew Cuomo] must be desperate to authorize this type of gutter ball. We are confident the committee will see through this transparent effort to smear a highly credible woman whose courage in coming forward led to the governor’s downfall.”

Cuomo previously supported policies for New York colleges that eviscerated the due process rights of students accused of sexual misconduct while supporting the notion that accusers must always be believed. Since being exposed as a sex pest, Cuomo has quickly had a change of tune.

Glavin also in her letter cautioned the committee against accepting New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report about Cuomo’s alleged misconduct. James’ report concluded that Cuomo sexually harassed “multiple women” and then retaliated against them when they made accusations against them.

Sexual misconduct is not the only issue the Assembly Judiciary Committee is probing in relation to Cuomo. It is also looking into allegations that he withheld nursing home data from the public to make it seem as if New York was handling the COVID-19 pandemic better than it actually was by having his staff alter a damning report, as well as allegations that he gave his family preferential treatment in receiving COVID-19 tests and forced his staff to work on his book.

The former Emmy award winner has fallen from grace in a way no one thought possible. It just goes to show that no Leftist, especially one as sleezy as Cuomo, deserves to be trusted. Their fake progressivism is nothing but a ploy to gain political points with liberal voting groups.

Such is the case with AOC, Kamala Harris, et al.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth