Sex Pest Ex-Governor Slapped With Criminal Charge

Despite the vile corruption rampant in most of the country’s criminal justice system, regardless of the liberal bias, sometimes you can’t help but chuckle when the ‘wokeness’ turns against its own.

Such is the case for sauce monkey Italian pervert, disgraced ex-governor Andrew Cuomo, who was charged with a misdemeanor on Thursday for a sex-crime related charge.

The details of the case are a major eye roll; a current example of rampant toxic femininity.

Ultimately, as Governor, Andrew Cuomo behaved in a way that resembles a casual family gathering. He hugged, he kissed, he groped female staffers like a creepy uncle would. But most people with a brain can clearly see Cuomo did nothing against the law — his case is just another form of ‘woke’ law enforcement rearing its ugly head.

Like Anita Hill in the 90s, the female staffers working for Cuomo (up until 2018) had every opportunity to stop the unwanted behavior right then and there. Instead they did what all disgruntled women do: cry in front of press camera, hire high-power female attorneys, and claim the role as feminist hero.

A real feminist hero would have told Cuomo to “F*** off” right then and there.

Instead of owning up to his mistakes, Andrew Cuomo utilized the “I’m Italian” defense, claiming his hugs and kisses were merely part of his culture.

Perhaps the most hilarious piece of news to come out of 2021 thus far.

Confirmation of the charges filed against Cuomo come after a summons against the befallen Democrat were issued erroneously. Reports have emerged that the summons was issued without consent from the alleged victim, Brittany Commisso, or her lawyer, Brian Premo.

A copy of the complaint alleges that Cuomo committed forcible touching at his official residence in December of 2020.

“At the aforesaid date time and location the defendant Andrew M. Cuomo did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim [redacted] and into her intimate body part. Specifically, the victims (sic) left breast for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires, all contrary to the provisions of the statute in such case made and provided,” the complaint states.”

Cuomo, who has denied any wrongdoing, is expected to be arrested next week.

Cuomo resigned from office following an investigation overseen by Attorney General Letitia James that concluded he sexually harassed 11 women. Cuomo — who denies touching anyone inappropriately or intending to make suggestive comments — accused the women of exaggerating or misinterpreting his behavior.

Other suits are likely to follow.

In fact, one women, Charlotte Bennett, who claimed Cuomo “asked her questions about her personal sexual life,” suggested the government should compensate the ex-governor’s accusers as a result of the mental anguish resulted from “costly and lengthy” litigation.

That tells you everything you need to know about this case.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney