Social Media Giants Scramble As Trump Raises Top Dollar For New Platform

Conservatives can rejoice knowing a new social media platform is on the horizon, one that doesn’t discriminate against right-leaning voices or Americans who simply can’t stand insidious left-wing indoctrination any longer.

In October, Former President Donald Trump (arguably the best social media poster in history) announced a new business venture which will emancipate conservatives from the social media prison we face today.

Trump Media & Technology group was formed by the Former President and his team to build and launch a new social media platform as well as a video streaming service and other online entertainment platforms.

Trump announced the creation of TMTG and its first product, the Truth Social network, in October, claiming it would “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.”

Former President Donald Trump’s latest attempt at building his own social media company will receive $1 billion in new investments.

On Saturday, the Trump Media & Technology Group announced that it has secured $1 billion in new investments as it takes steps toward becoming traded through a blank check company.

According to TMTG, the company has entered into “subscription agreements” with Digital World Acquisition Corps , which will transfer its funding to the company upon the “consummation of their business combination” from a “diverse group of institutional investors.”

DWAC describes itself as a “blank check company.”

Blank check companies are publicly traded, developmental-stage companies that have not released an established business plan. Instead, they aim to gather funds as a start-up in hopes of merging with a separate business entity.

The press release did not identify the investors, but they’re rumored to be among the wealthiest in the nation.

Truth Social has received some scrutiny from computer programmers and coders after a loophole was revealed to leave the platform vulnerable to online hackers.

The loophole was swiftly corrected and Truth Social is back up and running, ready to accept future users to a waitlist.

The website relies on Mastodon , an open-source social media platform used by websites like Gab.

Mastodon ensures safety from cancellation over frivolities like difference in political opinion, unlike Big Tech platforms, who’s sociopathic censors scrub any semblance of Trump support amongst users, and who feel nothing to close bank accounts or destroy any ability for right-leaning people to make a living online.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney