State Democrat Blows Cover On Cuomo’s Tyranny

A New York Democrat is blowing Cuomo’s tightly sealed cover.

A member of Gov. Cuomo’s own party is coming forward with claims that the defamed meatball governor threatened his career after publicly criticizing the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ron Kim, an assemblyman, received a call from Cuomo warning him to keep all criticisms quiet as his administration attempted to prevent a public relations nightmare stemming from Cuomo’s controversial, and deadly, Covid-19 orders. 

“He called me directly last week,” Kim said. “He threatened to end my career if I didn’t publicly discredit DeRosa’s statements. It was very traumatizing.” Kim added. DeRosa is a former aide to Gov. Cuomo who recently unveiled the administration’s attempt to hide damning coronavirus data. 

According to Kim the governor told him he has yet to “experience his wrath” that could “end him” before he knew it. Cuomo said, “We’re in the business together. There are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed.” 

About the call, Kim said, “A man has never, and will never, threaten me like that ever again in my lifetime. He tried to humiliate me at some point by asking ‘are you a lawyer?” Kim guessed that Cuomo’s intention was to bait him into saying something inappropriate merely to discredit his name. Kim said, “I’m glad I didn’t take the bait.” 

Cuomo’s office quickly pushed a statement out, claiming the governor never said he’d “end him.” According Cuomo’s spokesman there were three witnesses listening in on the call. 

One of the witnesses, a close aide to Cuomo, accused Kim of lying. “I know he’s a liar because I was one of the three people in the room,” the aide says lying through his teeth. “Mr. Kim’s words are beyond the pale. His endless lies are becoming an unfortunate pattern during his tenure as assemblyman,” the aide added. 

Ron Kim entered Cuomo’s radar when he posted a scathing 23-part document on Twitter criticizing the governor’s response to the pandemic. Mr. Kim honed in on Cuomo’s deadly order forcing covid-positive patients in nursing homes and other adult care facilities. 

Weeks later, a former aide to Cuomo admitted to state Democrats that the administration “froze” when the Trump Justice Department started asking questions about its handling of the nursing home situation.

Mr. Kim publicly backed DeRosa and her comments, highlighting the fact that Cuomo was caught in an egregious an deadly lie.

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in nursing and long-term care facilities went up to approximately 15,000 this week, up from 12,743 late last month, according to local reports.

The alleged conversation between Cuomo and Kim took place shortly after those reports were published

Cuomo immediately attacked and discredited Kim’s comments in a now viral press conference. The governor claims his administration has had a “hostile relationship” with Kim, accusing the Democrat of “potentially illegal” behavior. Cuomo, like most Democrats, is weaponizing the legal system to meet his political needs and dig himself out of a hole that could even land himself in prison.

The governor added that refusing to comply with a request from the state Assembly is not a crime. “There is no obstruction of justice in not providing the state legislature with information,” he said.

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