Swing State Trump Rally Has Democrats Running Scared

Photo Via Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

Democrats are scrambling ahead of what could be an embarrassing Joe Biden defeat after turnout at a pro-Trump event in swing state Pennsylvania left them shocked.

Pennsylvania Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman vocalized the apparent concern among prominent Democrats over the 2020 presidential election, alerting his followers to President Donald Trump’s massive rally crowd on Saturday night in Butler, Pennsylvania, and urging fellow Democrats for vote blue.

“The President is popular in PA,” Fetterman posted. “I don’t care what polls say,” the Democrat continued. “With 700K ballots still out there, you need to BANK YOUR BALLOT. Use a Dropbox. Get them in.”

Apparently responding to Democrats who suggested the photograph was fake, Fetterman wrote, “She (reporter Gabby Orr) is with Politico. This is not MAGA propaganda. Can’t fake a crowd like that. But you *can* make sure you show up and get every vote in. Every Vote Matters. Get Them In.”

“That’s not photoshop. That’s a [Reuters] image of Butler,” he emphasized. “The Battle for Pennsylvania, and maybe the Presidency will be won or lost by you.”

Fetterman was reacting to a rally photo from reporter Gabby Orr. “Massive crowd here in Butler, Pa. with 72 hours to go until Election Day,” she captioned the image.

Nearly 60,000 supporters showed up to the President’s rally which has the Democrats panicking.

Fetterman also said he hasn’t seen anything like President Donald Trump’s rallies and barnstorming across Pennsylvania.

“Donald Trump is doing things that have never been done in Pennsylvania politics in terms of the raw barnstorming across small county Pennsylvania,” Fetterman told CNN Sunday. “It’s hard to predict with certainty how that’s going to activate not only his base of voters from 2016, but also those that sat it out, too.”

Fetterman then further professed his concerns that the Democrats will lose the crucial state of Pennsylvania.

“I’m not saying Donald Trump is going to win Pennsylvania, but what I am saying is he’s doing everything that he can to maximize his chances,” he said.

Fetterman’s concern is echoed by countless other Democrats including Neil Oxman, a vereran Dem strategist based in Pennsylvania.

“I am worried about Pennsylvania,” Oxman admitted, citing concerns about base turnout and other issues.

In 2016, President Trump winning Pennsylvania was a crucial factor in him defeating Hillary Clinton.

The polls show Joe Biden is still leading in the state, but his recent comments about banning fracking – a move that will be disastrous for the state’s economy – have essentially destroyed his standing in the battleground state.

Speaking to supporters on Saturday night, Trump emphasized his support for fracking, law enforcement officers, criminal justice reform, and school choice.

“Thank you Pennsylvania! With your vote, we will continue to support our Military, Veterans and our Police Officers,” Trump tweeted Saturday. “Biden and Harris would pass legislation to slash police funding all across America. They stand with the rioters – we stand with the HEROES of Law Enforcement! #MAGA.”

“Joe Biden has vowed to ABOLISH American Oil and Natural Gas,” he said in another post. “Today I signed an order to strongly protect Pennsylvania’s energy & fracking industry. If Biden & Harris get in, they will terminate this order and implement the Green New Deal. Get out and VOTE!”

“Joe Biden has been a disaster for African Americans and Hispanic Americans—I am fighting for citizens of every race, color and creed,” POTUS added. “We achieved record low unemployment rates. I signed landmark Criminal Justice Reform, and we will deliver School Choice!”

The nervousness for Democrats extends beyond just Pennsylvania, however, as supporters have showed up to for the President in a number of battleground states – casting a tremendous amount of doubt on any polls that show Biden ahead.

In North Carolina for example, Trump supporters lines up for hours in advance on Sunday outside of a rally. According to a local outlet, the lines were at least half a mile long.

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