Team Biden Expects Americans To Believe Supply Chain Lies

They take us for fools.

The Biden administration truly believes that American people believe their utter lies. That Sleepy Joe’s ‘Build Back Better’ “human infrastructure” spending plan will alleviate the economic problems plaguing the country.

In fact, his spending plan will only make it worse.

Not only will adding trillions to the national debt likely cripple future generations, but the spending plan also dangerously reframes the role of the federal government. With the sheer amount of entitlements jammed in the bill, the Democrats hope to keep as many Americans – and even non-Americans – reliant upon the government as possible.

Promise them the world for free in exchange for a vote. That’s the Democrat motto.

But to the Biden administration’s chagrin, many Americans aren’t so quick to believe the ridiculous lies they’re peddling about the broken supply chain.

Many of us can clearly see more government spending isn’t the answer to the inflation crisis caused by Biden’s policies. In fact, we’d be a lot better off if we let the private sector clean up the federal government’s mess.

Ask any Democrat and not only will they tell you Biden’s plan “costs zero dollars,” but they’ll look dead in your face and claim the supply chain crisis is a result of Biden’s booming economy.

It’s almost as if the supply chain crisis was allowed to happen to create an artificial illusion that Biden’s plan is the only possibly way to correct it.

Are you paying attention yet?

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre parroted the lie that clogged supply chains are a result of Biden’s “historic economic recovery.” Her boss, Jen Psaki, and every Democrat currently in the media, is working overtime to convince the population that empty shelves = booming economy.

This is the current state of the Democrat Party.

Karrine held a press conference where it was clear she was totally unprepared. No one could make sense of her answers and she appeared to bumble, fumble, and stumble through her answers about why America is experiencing such economic tragedy.

Jean-Pierre continued, repeating the lie that prices are high and shelves are empty because of Biden’s “historic economic recovery”

They require your submission, but will settle for your starvation or death.

Liberals in the Biden administration don’t see us as people; as individuals; we’re merely a means to end; a vessel to carry their radical political agendas.

Author: Asa McCue