Team Trump Launches Social Media Platform: The Last Safe Place On The Internet

Described as a free speech alternative to other Big Tech social media, allies of Donald Trump have launched a platform with total free expression in mind — despite political affiliation.

GETTR, Team Trump’s new platform identifies as a “non-bias, non partisan social media network for people of all stripes all over the world.” The app currently has over 1,000 downloads from Google Play.

You can get the app here:

Former President Trump’s main spokesperson, Jason Miller, oversaw the development and launch of the platform, which is said to share similar functions and appearances as Twitter. It’s not yet known whether Donald Trump plans to join the platform after he was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, and a multitude of other sites after the events on Jan 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

However, his ban from the major social media platforms has not slowed down or weakened Trump’s influence in the GOP or in the media. His press releases garner immediate media attention, and often immense scrutiny from the liberal press. Sometimes in long form, sometime short blurbs, the Former President surprises every time.

In his latest statement released to his Save America site, Trump asked on singular question that ignited a firestorm in the media:

“Who shot Ashli Babbit?”

That statement alone energized conservatives who demand answers on the untimely slaying of the Veteran Trump supporter.

Trump will hold no financial stake in the new social media platform, and some have reported that he plans to stay off it, nothing the widespread coverage his longer form press releases are currently receiving.

So far users are inundating the new platform with positive reviews. Current trending hashtags on GETTR include #rump, #heatwave #defendfreedom and more.

Some notable users include the conservative Heritage Foundation visiting fellow Tim Murtaugh and Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sean Parnell.

In early June, the former president attempted a blog-style website where he would post statements, though the website shut down after its unveiling. Miller at the time said it “will not be returning.”

Trump’s social media bans spurred conservatives to flock to alternative social media sites such as Parler after decrying censorship by Big Tech giants. In May, Parler was allowed back on Apple’s App Store following a monthslong ban as backlash for the Jan. 6 unrest.

Author: Val Dohm