Ted Cruz Eviscerates Biden’s Immigration Plans

In a stunning rebuke, Sen. Ted Cruz warned of Joe Biden’s plan to destroy America, calling his immigrations efforts the “most radical immigration plan any administration has ever proposed in history.”

“The Biden administration is proposing to allow every single person deported from this country in the last four years to return. They refuse to make any exceptions for murders, rapist, or any other criminals. It is utterly bizarre to have a federal government refuse to enforce laws against violent criminals,” the Senator railed. 

Cruz added, “These proposals are making our country more dangerous…”

“Today’s Democratic Party has been radicalized to the point where they are not even willing to prosecute criminals who’ve committed heinous crimes. We have a nation of wonderful immigrants, spectacular people who came here legally, but the Democrats want to change all of that,” Cruz said. 

Cruz’s comments come after a federal judge recently dealt a heavy blow to the Biden administration. The ruling ordered Biden’s Department of Homeland Security reverse their ban on deportations indefinitely. 

Only hours after taking office, Biden signed an executive order effectively halting all deportations of illegal immigrants for 100 days. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton immediately filed a lawsuit as a result. 

United States District Judge Drew B. Tipton granted the suit, preventing the Biden administration from proceeding with their deportation order until the Supreme Court took up the issue. 

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