Ted Cruz Stops Biden’s Radical Agenda Dead In Its Tracks, See How…

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz stated on Sunday that he is blocking some of President Joe Biden’s nominees from being confirmed in the Senate in an effort to force Biden to protect America from its enemies, rather than simply submit to them.

Cruz was asked by CBS “Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan if he was playing politics with national security, Cruz’s response shredded Biden to pieces.

Brennan questioned, “I want to ask you about your blocking a number of President Biden’s nominees to national security posts. The White House said it’s an unprecedented effort of obstruction. Sen. Murphy said, “talking to you it’s like dealing with a terrorist.” Aren’t you playing politics with national security?”

“Well, actually quite the opposite, I’m trying to get President Biden to stop acquiescing and surrendering to our enemies.”

“In China, I introduced an amendment to say that we should not purchase any green vehicles or solar panels made with slave labor in communist China in concentration camps. Every Democrat but Joe Manchin voted against it,” Cruz said.

“On Russia, one of the first things Joe Biden did was surrender to Vladimir Putin on Nord Stream two. He gave Putin a multi-billion-dollar pipeline, a pipeline that we had stopped. I had authored bipartisan sanctions legislation. Democrats and Republicans overwhelmingly supported my legislation, and we killed that pipeline dead. Joe Biden came in and surrendered.”

“It is, Margaret, I believe, a generational geopolitical mistake. If this pipeline is allowed to go online, it will give billions of dollars to Russia. They will use it for military aggression against America and our allies. It will undermine European security, American security, and it enriches Russia. And Biden simply surrendered to Putin. That was a mistake.”

Cruz continued, “And so I place the hold on these nominees in order to try to pressure Biden to follow the law. I’ll lift it when he follows the law. And in fact, I’ve suggested a simple, reasonable compromise which, as I’ve said, I will lift many of the holds if he simply triggers under a law called CAATSA, which is a Russian sanctions law passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. Under CAATSA, he could list Nord Stream 2 AG, which is the umbrella company for Nord Stream, and then delist it. That would solve his political objective of surrendering to Putin, but it would trigger an automatic congressional override veto. I’ve said if they trigger the override veto, the vote, then I’ll lift the hold. But the reason Biden doesn’t want to do that is he knows, he fears he will lose the vote in Congress because his policy of surrendering to Russia is indefensible.”

Cruz, who is a potential front runner for a 2024 presidential bid, has been fiercely critical of Biden, particularly in areas such as his foreign policy.

Cruz suggests that Biden is directly hindering the United States’ power ranking on the global stage by time and time again bowing down to our most fierce enemies such as China and Russia.

Many critics of the president suggest, however, that he may be doing this by design, pointing to his family’s shady business dealings in foreign nations as a driver behind a number of his questionable decisions.

Author: Johnathan Morris