Terrorists Wreak Havoc On Democrat-Led Cities

Antifa and other far-Left groups ‘celebrated’ the anniversary of the Breonna Taylor shooting by rioting in three major West Coast cities. The rioters were donned in typical garb — all black with masks on — while holding signs supporting Communism and other Leftists causes. 

The riots quickly erupted in violence. 

Protests in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland began early and without violence, but the landscape quickly changed as rioters began clashing with police and destroying property. 

Windows of businesses were smashed, rocks were thrown at police, and police cars were destroyed … all in the name of Leftism!

Liberal leaders in the effected cities have done, and continue to do, nothing about the domestic terrorism that’s taken hold since last summer. 

Videos posted on Twitter show the escalation of violence in these cities and police attempts to contain the violence.




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