The Fate of The Election Hinges On This Single Thing

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Data collected from attendees of President Trump’s rallies suggests that the Democrats could be in for a massive surprise this November.

The data shows that Trump’s base is expanding to include a hefty amount of first time voters and non- Republicans.

At Trump’s first rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania, there were 13,331 attendees, 23.8 percent of whom were not Republicans, and 21.9 percent of whom did not vote in 2016, according to information gathered from signups for the events.

At another rally in Lititz, Pennsylvania, on Monday, there were 18,894 attendees, 22.2 percent of whom were not registered Republicans, and 20.8 percent of whom did not vote in 2016.

At Trump’s third rally in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, on Monday, there were 11,593 attendees, 14.1 percent of whom were not Republican, and 21.6 percent of whom did not vote in 2016.

President Trump Hold Rally / Photo Via AP

Even more impressive, At Trump’s Oct. 17 event in Janesville, Wisconsin, a whopping 47.5 percent of 13,850 attendees were not Republicans and at his Oct. 14 rally in Des Moines, Iowa, 29.4 percent of 10,134 attendees were Democrats.

But it doesn’t stop there – the Hunter Biden hard drive leaks, which have exposed Joe Biden ties to shady foreign businesses along with an endless number of disturbing images, have absolutely hammered the Joe Biden campaign.

As a result of that news, coupled with a huge Trump win in the second presidential debate, Google Trends data indicates that a massive portion of the roughly 60 million people who have already casted their ballots, have googled the phrase “can I change my vote.”

While many states do not allow people to change their early votes, some states do, and President Trump is aiming to capitalize on those voters looking to desert Joe Biden after he new revelations about his family’s crimes.

“Strongly Trending (Google) since immediately after the second debate is CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE? This refers changing it to me. The answer in most states is YES. Go do it. Most important Election of your life!” Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

The day before, Trump said during a campaign stop, “You know, did you hear the number one thing on Google was: ‘How do I change my vote?’ Did you know that? How do I change my vote? Something like hashtag—Did you hear that? Hashtag: ‘How do I change my vote?’ They watched the debate. I wanted—remember I wanted that debate to move way up, you know, because a lot of people voted by this crazy ballot deal. Wait until you see the mess that thing is going to be in,” he said on Monday in a campaign stop.

On top of that still, more signs are pointing to another Trump victory in 2020.

With just a week left until Election Day, a pollster who was among the select few to accurately forecast President Trump’s 2016 victory, has Trump winning again.

InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery said that he believes President Trump will do “very well” in Florida, while “the Midwest is going to be problematic for the president, but I think he can overcome it.”

“We have to remember one thing,” Towery added, “Donald Trump is the most dynamic presidential candidate of my lifetime. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Him personally going to these locations and drawing people out, particularly in the semi-rural and rural areas where they need to pile those votes up, that’s going to come back home in a big way to Donald Trump on Election Night and I don’t think these polls are picking that up.”

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