The People Have Spoken, Biden Just Won’t Listen

It is now a deliberate act of futility on Biden’s part if he continues to ignore the symphony of chants against him ringing loudly across the country. It seems anytime a large group of people are gathered together, everyone in the stands let their true feelings fly — and that doesn’t bode well for Sleepy Joe.

It’s become glaringly clear that “F*** Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” chants have become a permanent fixture in the American sports lexicon — at least until Biden leaves office.

This weekend was no exception.

The Old Row Twitter account has done a bang-up job of monitoring both the “F*ck Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” chants as they ring out at sports events from across the United States.

Most recently, the chants sprang up at the Mississippi State/Alabama game Saturday and the Braves/Dodgers game on Sunday.

As the game began to heat up, fans in the stands at the Mississippi/Alabama game erupted in a loud chant of “F*ck Joe Biden.”


The next day, Atlanta Braves fans realized they could not be outdone, and began a stadium-wide “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

The meme never gets old.

Without even mentioning Joe’s name, an entire community of people are able to convey their anti-Biden sentiment simply due to a fake news reporter’s stupidity. It’s glorious.

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” became famous when NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast falsely claimed that a NASCAR crowd was chanting the name of Xfinity Series winner Brandon Brown when they were clearly chanting “F*ck Joe Biden.”

The two chants have been cropping up at most sporting events since the start of the college football season.

The chant has also appeared at concerts and other non-sporting events, as well.

Unfortunately, for the sake of our country, the chant has also found ready audiences in foreign nations, including Italy.

So, as it turns out, Biden, and essentially the entirety of the United States, is being laughed at on the world stage.

Liberals made this claim constantly while Trump was in office, but without evidence. Under Biden, we can clearly witness the downfall of our reputation at home and abroad.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth