The Real Reason Democrats Won’t Pass Next Round of Funding

Photo Via Melina Mara/The Washington Post

As Democrats press forward with their selfish demands, another day has now passed that the SBA relief fund remains empty and unable to offer crucial aid to small businesses drowning due to forced nationwide closures.

Republicans are making sure the world knows exactly why these business owners are currently unable to get funding to keep employees on payroll.

“It’s now been four days since the Paycheck Protection Program ran out of money. Republicans have been trying to secure more funding for this critical program for a week and a half,” McConnell said in a statement Monday.

“At this hour, our Democratic colleagues are still prolonging their discussions with the Administration, so the Senate regretfully will not be able to pass more funding for Americans’ paychecks today.”

“However, since this is so urgent, I have asked that the Senate meet again tomorrow in a new session that was not previously scheduled, and the Democratic Leader has agreed to my request. It is past time to get this done for the country,” McConnell added.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also ripped into Speaker Pelosi and her minions on the left over their continued delays of the coronavirus small business aid.

“Last week we watched 5 million people — new numbers — for unemployment. How many more millions of Pelosi’s layoffs will we have to endure before she will put people before politics?,” McCarthy said on Fox News.

“We could have been done yesterday, but the Democrats continue to hold up, even though we have agreed to all the numbers.” McCarthy continued.

“Instead of work together, she has tried to fight every element. Again, name me one thing the Speaker has accomplished that is productive during this pandemic. All she has ever done is criticize,” McCarthy said.

“We need to work together as one. Look, the virus is here, we did not invite it, we did not want it, but we will defeat it together. In [any] other time in history when we’ve had a challenge like this you’d watch the Speaker work with the President. We’ve only now watched the Speaker criticize every action…,” he added.

Earlier Sen. Tim Scott also called out Pelosi for holding small businesses “hostage” over the Paycheck Protection Program, pointing out that Democrats are negatively impacting people’s ability to pay their bills and feed their kids.

“I always like to say that the Democrats who are holding this up, realize you’re not negatively impacting businesses, as much as you’re negatively impacting people’s ability to pay their rent, to pay their utilities, to feed their kids,” Scott stated.

“This is a serious situation, that we shouldn’t have a lapse in funding for the PPP program. We should tell Ms. Nancy Pelosi, please give us our paychecks. People need their paychecks. And stop holding it hostage in order to do something else.”

The deal is on a nearly $500 billion coronavirus relief package, which Pelosi has yet to agree to. McCarthy said Pelosi is holding up the aid, despite a lot of bipartisan support.

Scott added that members of Congress have been getting hundreds of calls a day from constituents demanding that Congress get its act together because they are hurting financially.

Democrats clearly don’t care about small businesses or the millions of Americans they employ.

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made that clear on Monday when she celebrated the tanking price of oil which will undoubtedly lead to massive layoffs, tweeting out “You absolutely love to see it.”

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