This Major Democrat Throws A Temper Tantrum After GOP Stormed An Impeachment Hearing

By Carmine Sabia October 25th ,2019 | Image Source : The Federalist Papers

One of the greatest detractors of President Donald Trump, Rep. Eric Swalwell, is irate at the Republicans who stormed into a private impeachment hearing.

He spoke to CNN host Erin Burnett on Tuesday after the incident and whined and complained about what the Republicans did.

Rush Transcript:

SWALWELL: Erin is that we know that the president wanted from the Ukrainians two things. For them to investigate the 2016 election and exonerate Russia and to investigate his upcoming 2020 opponent and Vice President Biden, and if they did that they get a White House meeting and the security assistance they needed.

Miss Cooper was a part of the decision making process and was a witness to what others were doing around the security assistance.

I will say this, we have plenty of evidence and you saw in the statement that was put in The Washington Post yesterday from Ambassador Taylor that the assistance was tied to the president’s demands for investigations and miss cooper was a relevant witness today in that regard.

BURNETT: All right. Obviously which could be significant and now I want to get to The Five hours’ time that was wasted today.

You were inside that secure room when Republicans stormed in and held the deposition up for hours. How would you describe it?

We understand there was — the reporting is that we have, was there people yelling in faces, was there screaming. Is that accurate?

SWALWELL: I saw in these desperate times for this president and his defenders in Congress, they took desperate, distractionary measures. It didn’t work.

I think it was unfortunate, and I just sat down, the witness was sitting across from me at the table. You had about 50 members of Congress already in the room ready for this hearing and then I saw the witness abruptly get up and leave and then in comes all these members who are not on the committee.

They’re got their electronics out, they’re shouting and screaming and this woman, you know, she works for the federal government and just keeps her head down and wants to do her job is defying orders from the White House to not participate and this is what she’s subjected to, but we’re not going to let it deter us. We moved forward.

The chairman is determined to get this done fairly and also swiftly and they can continue the high hijinks. They violated the rules. Is there any repercussion for that?

I’ll leave it to the speaker and the chairman to decide that, but if their goal today was to obstruct and delay the proceedings, it didn’t work.

Clearly, this was sanctioned by the president who met with many of them yesterday and told them to go fight harder and this is an overall consciousness of guilt.

This is what guilty people do. The president tells them to fight harder because he has a guilty conscience. He’s confessed, Mick Mulvaney has co-signed that confession.

They don’t want to be a part of the process and what was interesting today, I’ll just say this. The people when stuck around for hours in that room and held that room, they were in that room longer than the overwhelming majority of members on the Republican side who are supposed to be in that room during these hearings. They show up and complain about the process and they bounce period.

BURNETT: Were there any Republicans that stay in and listen to this?

SWALWELL: Yes, there are, and the overwhelming majority of those that come in leave.

BURNETT: All right. And just one other question, the ones who stay, are they asking questions putting in the time and the thought and the effort?

Are you getting that feeling from your Republican colleagues on the committee who are allowed to be there who get the same time you get to ask questions?

SWALWELL: I am seeing these cockamamie conspiratorial questions that believe that Ukraine was involved in the election interference rather than Russia, and I credit Francis Rooney, a Republican who was asking the right questions publicly on television about what he’s seen.

I’d like to see people like him who are visibly concerned by what’s going on. I would like to see them have an opportunity to ask fair questions of these witnesses.

Author: Carmine Sabia

Source: The Federalist Papers: Swalwell Has Tantrum On CNN After Republicans Storm Impeachment Hearing

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