Time’s Up For Liz Cheney — She Won’t Recover From This One

Ask a Republican what how they feel about Liz Cheney, and there’s a very good chance it won’t be positive.

In a recent poll, 80% of Republicans agreed with Cheney’s ouster from her role in House Leadership last week. To throw salt on her wound, 66% of those Republicans said their loyalty is to Donald Trump and his America-First policies.

The majority (69%) of the 80% who agreed with Cheney’s ouster said they did so because she does not align with the future of the Republican Party, while 57% agreed because her stance on the 2020 election. A large number – 52% – supported her removal from leadership because she is a vocal critic of Donald Trump, and 34% agreed because she was disloyal to the Former President.

In other words, disloyalty to the Make America Great Again movement will not be tolerated.

Other interesting facts:

  • 89% believe the Party should follow Trump’s lead on economic issues, 88% they support his immigration policies, 80% about his way of leading and 77% on how he handled the press
  • 73% said it’s very important for Republican lawmakers and candidates to propose more legislation on issues voters care about – 58% agreed with voters economic policy, 50% said they should agree with voters on culture and values and 37% said they should support claims of 2020 election fraud
  • 67% believe Joe Biden did not legitimately win the 2020 election, compared with 33% who said he is
  • 53% said Republicans should prioritize getting more voters with policies and ideas in its strategy for winning elections, while 47% said the party should push for changes to state voting rules

Author: Asa McCue